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Dedicated to Employees Wellbeing

According to recent studies,  Yoga & Meditation in the workplace helps the employee to feel less stress and more focussed on the job. Yoga classes in the workplace enable employees to stretch and de-stress in the convenience of their office or virtually eliminating travel time to classes.

We provide a range of corporate wellness initiatives to suit your organisation’s needs.  We are specialised in yoga, meditation, Tibetan bowls Healing sound and mindfulness for your workplace in the occasion of a team building day or simply keep your employees fit and healthy.


Getting started couldn’t be easier. We can organize Virtual Classes or come to you before work, after work, or anytime! On-site classes adapted to meet the needs of your organisation.

Corporate Yoga Classes in Sydney help create a positive, productive and energetic workplace.

The performance of a corporation depends on the performance of its key assets – its employees. Healthy employees are happier, more productive and more cost-effective.

On-Site Yoga Classes



Yoga classes usually take place in a boardroom or multi-purpose space and are taught by our certified yoga instructors. Classes may be held in the morning, before work, at lunchtime or in the early evening after work.

A typical corporate yoga class runs for about an hour and includes relaxation, asanas, breathing techniques and tips on how to reduce stress, minimising health problems associated with sustained periods at a computer screen or sitting at a desk. Classes time can be adjusted according to your company requirements.

On-site yoga classes are customised to suit your company’s philosophies & staff needs. We have a different range of classes, from the slow and meditative to energising and active.

Virtual Yoga Classes


Virtual Yoga classes for employees in Sydney are normally held via Zoom app, Teams app or Google Meet.

A virtual class runs for an hour the same as on-site classes, indications for a safe practice will be provided at all time during the class. Classes can be practised on a chair or a small space enough for a yoga mat.


Classes Accessibility

Classes are accessible to most people regardless of their physical fitness, our teachers are able to provide adjustment to people with injuries.

Yoga can be used to invigorate and revitalise during long conferences or team building days.

A variety of workshops on relaxation, meditation and restoration are also available.

Benefits of introducing yoga & mindfulness to your organisation





  • Improve employee’s health

  • Helps employees manage stress & reduce anxiety

  • Team building

  • Increases employees performance and productivity

  • Increase mental alertness in the workforce

  • Demonstrate to employees that they are valued 

  • Boost company morale

  • Promote a sense of workplace community

  • Increases health and reduces absenteeism

  • Integrate an overall corporate wellness program

  • Minimise health care expenses

  • Assists to attract & retain staff


Some of the physical benefits:

  • Relieves tension from sitting at a desk too long

  • Improves posture

  • Increases Happiness

  • Develops focus, concentration & memory

  • Boosts immunity

  • Relieve headaches

  • Reduces stress

  • Alleviates depression

  • Helps to focus & donate clarity

  • Assists with better sleep

  • Develops mindful awareness

  • Improves flexibility

  • Builds muscle strength

  • Improves digestion 


What do we do? Our Services

Yoga improves flexibility, strength, reaction time, problem-solving skills, builds concentration, motivation, reduces physical and mental stress and tension, reduces absenteeism, and lowers blood pressure.

The Space Holistic Wellness provides programs to support wellbeing, workflow and employee morale including:

  • Group yoga classes

  • Yoga retreats

  • Executive one on one yoga sessions

  • Yoga and stress workshops

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Wellness lectures

  • Corporate retreats.

  • Classes on-site or virtual

  • Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation

  • Private follow up sessions

Take a break and stimulate creative thinking by incorporating yoga into your work-life balance.

Corporate Wellness Classes

Corporate yoga classes are an important part of a modern company’s corporate wellness program.

  • Guided Meditations with Tibetan bowls Sound Healing

15 - 20 - 30 minutes sessions.
Rejuvenate your body and your mind with our guided relaxation, which is called Yoga Nidra. Don’t need a long time, 30 minutes is said to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep. It can be practised by anyone and benefits include increased concentration, reduced stress, increased energy and the relaxation of your muscles, relieves physical tightness.


  • Special Wellbeing Class

1 hour session

Intro to Yoga & Meditation. Relax yourself with 10 minutes guided meditation. Chair yoga, gentle yoga movement on a chair for 20 minutes with stretching exercises. Finishing up with 20 minutes wellness coaching.



  • Yoga Classes

45 - 60 – 90 minutes sessions

We customise yoga classes specific to your workplace and desired outcomes and offer a range of yoga classes including vinyasa flow,  Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, restorative yoga, yin yoga, alignment-based yoga. Each class finishing with Yoga Nidra.


  • Lunchbox – 30 minutes stretch and revive yoga
    A great lunchtime option with no sweat!

No need to change out of your work clothes and about the same price as a sandwich! Gentle movements to relieve tension and stress, bring relaxation with breathwork and some mindfulness to bring focus and clarity to your day and ready to return to work.


Getting Started

What The Classes Involve

  • Yoga classes are designed for everyBODY regardless of flexibility, fitness levels, gender, age – there are options for complete beginners and also for experienced yoga practitioners.

  • We provide a service that reduces stress, strengthens bodies, restores energy levels, aids relaxation and provides a fun & enjoyable experience for everybody.

  • A typical yoga class would involve some breathing exercises, a physical warm-up, including yoga postures (asanas), a yoga flow movement, a final stretching and some relaxation/meditation.

  • Classes are tailored to each company’s individual requirements.

  • This can vary from physically challenging to nurturing and restorative; calming and passive to invigorating and strong or with a focus on meditation and mindfulness – or a combination of the above.


What You Need 

  • No previous knowledge of yoga is required

  • Classes are tailored to suit all fitness levels and abilities.

  • We recommend class sizes of up to 15/20 staff to ensure each participant receives the required individual attention from the instructor and the best possible experience.

  • Each person will need comfortable clothing and a willing attitude.

  • Bring your own yoga mat or mats are available for hire.

  • Please speak with us prior to class for any health conditions or injuries or if you have any specific questions.


What We Provide

  • We provide a free consultation to discuss and identify your needs and offer yoga to suit your desired outcomes and employees demographic.

  • We provide yoga to suit all locations – boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, gym or even a local park – we will help you to create a space in your workplace.

  • A fully qualified yoga teacher.

  • A range of yoga and mindfulness classes & options – please see Our Services.

  • Posters to put up in your workplace or pdf via email. 

  • We assist you to increase health and happiness in the workplace and work alongside you with feedback forms for staff to tailor a programme for everybody needs.

  • Teachers are available to discuss any specific concerns confidentially with each participant.

Your Investment 

  • Corporate yoga class fees vary in price for a regular session depending on several factors including the length of class, time of day and the number of lessons booked.

  • Many companies will pay for the investment in staff, alternatively, if you can get a group of colleagues together then yoga classes are a cost-effective way for you to organise a class that comes to your workplace.

  • We offer discounts if booking a block of classes or more than one class per week throughout the term.

  • Get a quote, email us at


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